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the latest Yamaha NMAX 2020 prices in Semarang, Central Java

the latest Yamaha NMAX 2020 prices in Semarang, Central Java

inukotovlog.com - Hello, this Semarang citizen, the price of the latest Yamaha Naxa 2020 in Semarang, Central Java. It has been a long time since Yamaha Nmax released its newest product, New Nmax 2020, but it has not yet come out now.

and the latest Yamaha NMAX 2020 prices in Semarang, Central Java are already waiting, of course, lovers of Yamaha NMAX motorbikes have wanted to modify the Nmax with their respective concepts but are still waiting for the exact price.

and this is the price of the latest Yamaha NMAX 2020 in Semarang, Central Java, we will discuss it in a further article below.

The price of Yamaha Nmax for the standard version in each region is certainly different, for the Central Java region, the price in Semarang is non-Max Yamaha Nmax or New N-Max 2020 is Rp. 29,725,000 while the price of the Yamaha N-Max ABS 2020 is priced

the price of Rp.32,235,000

for the price of yamaha nmax 2019, the price of bro dropped to 28 million, or to be exact Rp.28,720,000 and the price of used nmax also went down, but it didn't drop too much in Semarang.

For the price of NMAX credit, we will discuss it here. the price of yamaha nmax credit is different depending on the fatigue, bro!

For the new NMAX price already mentioned above, that is 29 million for non-abs, while for the NMAX ABS price of 2020 that is sold for 30 million. it can still be very negoable depending on the sales negotiator.

the price for nmax abs 2019 has not been updated from February 2020, because for the new production is preferred.

for the price of Yamaha NMAX 2018, it means it is already used to the price of a used or second motorbike which is still in the number of 20 million bro, while the price of non-Abs NMAX 2019 for the second is sold at a price of Rp.24,500.00 Wow still expensive huh ...

well that was bro Nmax price list, from 2018 until the latest at 2020, hopefully useful.

For lovers of modification nmax 2019 keep watching on the blog inoto otovlog or youtube channel inuk otovlog there we will make the modification of the nmax yamaha content, the new price of the nmax motorbike, the price of the used nmax, the new price of nmax 2019 and the price list of nmax yamaha until the price is non-absent nmax 2018.

Thus this brief info may be useful and visit YouTube inukotovlog and get other interesting promos about used motorcycles in Semarang.