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Semarang Motorcycle Rentals

Semarang Motorcycle Rentals

inukotovlog.com - hello bro sis, for you lovers of traveling in the city specially in semarang, inukotovlog, providing information on motorbike rental in Semarang off key bro, rent a motorbike in semarang means what you can rent this motorbike with the key and stnknya bro hehehe with the terms and conditions passed yes.

Semarang Motorcycle RentalsSemarang Motorcycle Rentals by inukotovlog
Semarang Motorcycle Rentals BY inukotovlog

what motorbike? inukotovlog try to rent a motorbike honda vario bro, for those of you who want to rent a motorcycle for a trip for you foreign tourists or tourists in the country who want to travel in Semarang, we can deliver or can rent a motorbike.

Terms for Unlock Motorbike Rental in Semarang

Requirements for those of you who want to rent or rent a motorbike in Semarang, Inoto AutoVlog offers Honda Vario, already modified tire adventure, normal healthy machines, ready to go out, with rental rates per 24 hours / 1x24 hours at a price of Rp.55,000 per day bro .

the requirement is to include ID, or SIM or KK, and in the photo for documentation bro.